At NOVA North Star Corp. it is more than just real estate.  And we mean it.  We don't just think in terms of space for sale or lease or rent, but we think in terms of solutions.  Whether you need our help in just one area or multitude of areas, our team of expertise are ready to deliver unparalleled services.  We are here to help you from finding your dream home to the right real estate investment solutions. 

Our innovative approach to real estate combined with a comprehensive knowledge of real estate transactions, as well as, a vast amount of resources available to us, has made us very successful in what we do and has kept our clients very happy.


When a client is in the market to buy or sale a property, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the property's financial performance in order to recommend a solution that best meets the client's needs.  With our vast amount of resources and contacts we can quickly and effectively bring buyers and sellers together to complete the transaction.

Lease or Rent

By focusing on long-term clients and tenant satisfaction, we are able to provide our clients with security and enhanced revenues generated from strong occupancy.  We take the time to understand our client's goals and objectives, as well as, our tenant's needs, in order to provide a solution that best benefit both parties.